ASTA would like to recognise the dedicated work of the following ScienceWeb Australia writers:

Narinda Sandry - Years F, 1, 2: Needs of living things, Changing lands and skies, Mixing things together
Shelley Murphy - Years 3, 4: Transfer of heat, Living and non-living things, Shaping the Earth's surface
Sonia Cooke - Years 5, 6: Solids, liquids and gases, Survival, Weather extremes
Helen Silvester - Years 7, 8, 9: Classification of organisms, Cells, Ecosystems
Deb Smith - Years 7, 9, 10: Mixing and separating, Plate tectonics, Our universe

ASTA would also like to thank the ScienceWeb ESA project manager Charles Jameson and the ESA editorial and copyright teams for their support in ensuring the ScienceWeb Australia website is a high-quality online resource for all Australian science teachers.


Homepage acknowledgements

Years F–2
Boy with puppy, © N Sandry; Badu Island Lilly Beach, Killer White Fluff, CC BY 2.0; Paper pulp © N Sandry.

Years 3–4
Gas cooker blue flame, © Shelley Murphy; Bird's nest and eggs, Nick/KCCBF; CC BY 2.0.

Years 5–6
Steam train, Capt' Gorgeous, CC BY 2.0; Red kangaroo, Alikai, CC BY 2.0; Tropical Cyclone Yasi headed toward Queensland, Australia, NASA Goddard Photo and Video, CC BY 2.0.

Years 7–8
Rainbow salad, © Adam Hart-Davis/Science Photo Library; Water-Lily, danielweiresq, CC BY-NC 2.0; Cardiomyocytes, aboreus, CC BY-NC 2.0.

Years 9–10
Cattle graze in English field, Globalism Pictures, CC BY 2.0; New Zealand, Bay of Plenty, steam and smoke from White Islands, © Paul Chesley/Getty; Trifid nebula, David Malin, reproduced with permission of David Malin Images.