Teaching sequence

Lesson objective

In this lesson students examine a landform or feature and describe evidence of weathering and erosion.


Inform students that during this lesson they will conduct research to prepare a simple case study of a landform.

Explain to students that a case study is a report of a specific object, person, group or event.

Repeat a viewing of the video The changing face of Australia, 1970: Uluru to introduce an example case study of Uluru.

Explain to students that during this part of the lesson, they will examine pictures and information about Uluru and how it has been affected by weathering, erosion and human activity. The case study is an example of how they could present the findings from their own research.


  1. Display and discuss the images of Uluru identifying obvious areas of weathering (see gallery of images below).
  2. Ask students to make suggestions about the causes of the weathering to the rock. Create a list of these factors. Explain to students that these factors are naturally occurring so there is no real control over how the weather affects the rock.
  3. Ask students to think about and then record ideas about how human activity might affect erosion of Uluru.
    Teacher note: See Background information (PDF, 432 KB) and the section entitled Lesson 5: Human impact on Uluru and Kata Tjuta to assist you with this topic.
  4. Show students a selection of local landforms (or an already prepared landform) for them to choose to study. Allow students to nominate a landform to study.
  5. Explain to students that they are to present their case study in multi-modal format – digital/poster/written. Distribute the worksheet Case study of a landform (Word 397 KB) to assist students in completing their research.
  6. Provide time for students to conduct their research and opportunities for students to engage with digital products to produce their case study.


Waterhole at the base of Uluru
Wave-shaped erosion, Uluru
Uluru summit climb track – human impact
Uluru erosion - cave.
The face of Uluru eroded by the weather.
Uluru erosion
Rock erosion on the side of Uluru


Allow students to present their case studies to the class.

Provide opportunities for students to present their case studies to a wider audience such as arranging a library display or an assembly presentation. Consider presenting the findings of their field studies and the subsequent actions they are taking in the school grounds, to the school or local community.

Lesson Resources


Student activities

Digital resources

R8269 The changing face of Australia, 1970: Uluru, NDLRN. Video (2.52 min) 


Case study of a landform (Word, 397 KB)

Useful links

Google Maps,
Google (type in ‘Uluru’ to get a bird’s-eye view of the rock)