Teaching sequence

Lesson objective

In this lesson students make predictions about types of erosion in their school grounds. Students discuss ways to minimise erosion and make practical suggestions about how to minimise or stop erosion in their school grounds


Review the types of erosion discussed in Lesson 3.

Inform students they will conduct a field study in the school grounds to identify types of erosion.

Ask students to make predictions about types of erosion they might find in the school grounds.

Inform students that they will be searching for eroded areas and will be taking photographs as evidence of the extent of the erosion.

Make a class list of the potential causes of the erosion.



  1. Gather students together and move outside to carry out the field study.
  2. Distribute the worksheet Erosion field study notes )Word 397 KB) to assist students in the recording of their observations.
  3. Ask students to make note of eroded areas and to draw simple diagrams as they conduct their study. Remind students to take photographs of identified areas of erosion for later reference.
  4. Remind students to look for and make note of potential sources of the erosion – leaking taps or walking tracks.
  5. Return to the classroom and have students work together to collate photographs and identify the key areas of erosion.
  6. Ask students to compare their predictions about the types of erosion they thought they might see and the erosion they actually found in the school grounds.
  7. Ask students to make suggestions about the potential causes of erosion. Nominate the causes of erosion and list for later discussion.
  8. Ask students to make suggestions about ways to minimise or stop erosion. They will need to consider how erosion could be stopped, including: preventing or limiting land clearing, protecting sand dunes, or closing off walkways and pathways.


Refer to the list of potential causes of erosion constructed earlier in the lesson.
Teacher note: See Background information (PDF, 432 KB) and the section entitled Lesson 4: Human impact on erosion to assist with this section of the lesson.

Ask students to make suggestions about ways to minimise or stop erosion of areas in the school grounds.

Guide students to nominate practical solutions they could implement in the school grounds to assist in the minimisation of erosion. Ask students to write a letter to the schools officer or principal, making suggestions on how erosion could be stopped in the school grounds.

Ask students to reflect on their learning over the course of the unit. Have students write a letter to Professor Ruby explaining what they learnt by listing interesting or challenging learning experiences.

Lesson Resources


Student activities


Erosion field study notes (Word, 397 KB)

Useful links

Effective planting techniques to minimise erosion, California Department of Transportation. Information for teachers (PDF) 

Erosion control – general, Catchments and creeks. Information for teachers (PDF) The original resource is no longer available on the original website. This copy available through the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

Erosion damages coast beaches, Sunshine Coast Daily, 26 May 2009. News article