Teaching sequence

Lesson objective

In this lesson students learn how changes to paper can help to make a useful product that reduces waste. They reflect on the unit learning.


Ask students to indicate if they have a recycling bin at home. Explain that not all households in Australia have a truck come to their house to collect recyclables. Discuss why. Tell the students that in this lesson they will use their knowledge of how paper changes to make something useful.


  1. Recall the video ‘Visiting a recycling plant’ from the previous lesson. Remind students of the properties of paper and how when it is wet, broken apart, squeezed, reshaped and dried it is possible to turn used paper into a new paper product.
  2. Recall the paper investigation from the previous lesson and the varying number of shakes required to break apart the paper. Explain that this knowledge will tell them how much blending they are going to need to do in today’s lesson.
  3. Show the PowerPoint presentation Making recycled paper seed sachets explaining each step of the activity they are going to do.
  4. Place students into groups with previously set up materials. Students carry out investigation. Move around students to assist where necessary. Re-use the PowerPoint presentation as necessary to remind students of steps.
    Teacher note: Full instructions for guiding students through the ‘Making recycled paper seed sachets’ investigation can be found in Background information


Review the class science journal to identify the key unit learning and identify positives and minuses about the unit activities.

Lesson Resources


Student activities

Digital resources

Making recycled paper seed sachets, PowerPoint presentation (PPT, 3.7 MB)

Useful links

R11531 Recycling fridges, NDLRN. Video clip (3.40 min) 

Recycling household items, Splash, ABC. Video (4.43 min)